The Temple of Elemental Evil

The Tomb of Terrors

The party had been recruited by the village of Socanth to help in fighting off a plague of the undead that had turned loose by necromancer Ochan. After the battle a more experienced group of adventures lead the remaining town militia in chasing down the remnants of horde, and the necromancer himself, near Ochan’s supposed lair in the nearby mountains. The party stayed behind to look after the village.

Some hours later, after a great deal of revelry, the party was approached by a wounded militiaman who noticed that rats were fleeing from the sewers. Assuming that a zombie or two had made it’s way into the sewers, the party members gathered their gear and descended into the tunnels beneath the village. Once in the sewers the party realized that the village was built on an extensive network of catacombs that had been walled-off some time in the past. The discovered that the rats were fleeing from a crumbling section of the walled-off sewer.

The Heinreich and Lucretsia battered down the wall, revealing a torchlit room. They realized that someone must be down in the catacombs. That suspicion was confirmed when Declyn was able to make out some kind of chanting coming from deeper in the tunnels. Forward they went with Shi’a Th’ad scouting ahead.

Their first challenge was a collapsed section of floor, that revealed a 30-foot deep chasm. As it turned out, none of the party had issues leaping the gap. Once across, the group was immediately set upon by a panicked swarm of rats. The rats seemed to be of little consequence until Shi’a Th’ad lost his footing, fell to the gorup, and was immediately enveloped by the swarm. Shi’a’s halfling luck won out though as he quickly re-emerged with nary a scratch.

Further into the catacombs the party encounter a large group of shambling zombies. The creatures paid the group no mind until Declyn began an incantation that resulted in a cone of fire erupting form his outstretched hand. Most of the horde was consumed immediately (Declyn’s player had a couple of dice explode for something like 17 damage), and the rest the group made quick work of the remainder. The chanting seemed to be coming from right around the corner at this point.

Moments later the party entered the ritual chamber of the necromancer Ochan. The foul wretch had mislead the village into thinking that his lair was in the nearby mountains. Ochan himself stood in the middle of the room performing a ritual. Declyn identified that the purpose of the ritual was to turn Ochan in an immortal Lich. The group charged in to stop the necromancer, but they soon realized that he was protected by some kind of mystical field. Ochan’s bodyguard, a hulking bone golem, emerged from a pile or corpses to defend it’s master. A lengthly battle ensued, but eventually the golem was brought down by a mighty strike from a leaping Halfing (Shi’a Th’ad’s player had some damage dice explode). At that moment Ochan’s ritual was broken.

The necromancer was not defeated. His ritual stopped, he attacked the party with a blast of entropic energy that took down everyone except for Lucretsia (who made an amazing soak roll). Praying to Heironious for strength, the Paladin cast a healing spell on Heinreich and charged into melee combat. The wounded Heinreich followed, and with a tremendous swing of his sword ran the necromancer through (more exploding damage).

In the aftermath the party found plenty of loot and were awarded the honorary title of ‘White Plume’ by village elders.



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