The Temple of Elemental Evil

The Village od Hommlet

Banditry afoot!

The Fellowship of the White Plume traveled to the village of Hommlet in order to face the evil rumored to be growing there…or at least find one of the old caches of treasure rumored to be hidden in area since the time of the defeat of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Soon after arriving they embroiled themselves in village politics – it seemed that there was somewhat a schism between the villagers regarding possibly acts of banditry near the village. Some village told stories of adventuring parties going missing, and expected deliveries of goods never arriving. Other villagers scoffed at such stories saying that there hadn’t been any evidence of banditry. No merchants have complained of being robbed, no bodies or scenes of battle had been found.

Though the party thoroughly questioned many of the village more prominent residents, no actual proof of banditry could be located. They did determine the following:

  • Rufus and Burnes, two retired adenturers, know that something is going on involving banditry in the area. Furthermore, they may be involved in something like that.
  • The proprietors of the Trading Post claim that none of their shipments have encountered any issues – even though they pay for no guards. The party suspects that the Traders know that something is going on, even if they are not directly involved.
  • A local druid, Jaroo, believes that a band of very careful bandits have taken residence at the old moathouse.

Later, after a village meeting, the Fellowship convinced the village elders to hire the party on to go investigate the moat house (thanks in no small part to a recommendation by the druid Jaroo). After tracking through woods and swamps for a couple of days, the party arrived at the moathouse and determined that bandits had indeed taken up residence. After luring a few of the bandits out the party sneaked into the fort and began to explore…



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